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New fema trailers for sale 2013

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New fema trailers for sale 2011 government auctions. Federal emergency management agency auctions. Gsa auctions

FEMA means Federal Emergency Management Agency, and many of these auctions that occur from time to time. As you may or may not remember, the issue of FEMA trailers and formaldehyde contamination had made national headlines almost a year ago. Did you know that after people living in a FEMA trailer after a natural disaster they have to turn away and then the government auctions them off? FEMA trailers are now back in the news, but for good reason. Are no longer sold as places of residence, these trailers have been considered “junk” and sold as such. ome are sold for as little as $ 1500 so if you are looking for a cheap trailer that can be a very good bet for you? n March 2007, FEMA had the difficult task of providing about 150. 000 trailers, mobile homes and campers to victims of Hurricane Katrina and spent nearly $ 2.5 billion in the whole ordeal. As a result, not many of these houses serve their original purpose and instead declared surplus and eventually sold to someone who was willing to buy one. The prices really range from as high as $ 8,000 to as low as $ 850 but either way a deal is a deal. People soon realized that instead of spending $ 25,000 to $ 40,000 for a new trailer, they could buy directly from the government for nearly a fraction of the cost. Started selling like hotcakes.

Used fema trailers for sale. Fema mobile homes for sale. Fema campers for sale

The trailers that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) stored in 2005 are back on the market for sale. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, commonly known as FEMA, is trying to get rid of their inventory of commercial interests fema travel trailers. Consumers have been buying for a song. If you are currently on the market in this unit, FEMA campers for sale are one of your best bets for hooking an excellent deal. The Washington Post reported an average sales price of $ 7,367 in these used travel trailers supposedly worth $ 18,620 each. These fema trailers auction were used in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, and although not all of them are habitable, there are thousands that are available. In other words, buyers are paying about 40 cents. Some of these trailers that are only good for scrap. Some are repairable. Others are in fantastic condition. Many trailers were hardly used. Some are like new. At an average price of $ 7.367 and a value of $ 18,620 by the Washington Post, these campers are available at a great discount. From your most recent job, FEMA claims excess inventory of 120,000 units. They say they will be selling trailers and mobile homes for the next 3 years to clear inventory. In the past, the price has not been enough for people to buy. That’s because the manner in most of the 10,839 FEMA trailers sold between July 24, 2006 and July 23, 2007 were sold as scrap. So THT $ 6, 936 for campers for sale and $ 11,479 for mobile homes that can not live EMA is an excess inventory of over 120,000 units. It is his belief that have in the next three years to get rid of all his superiors

Cheap fema trailers for sale. Fema campers for sale. Buy FEMA Trailer

Many trailers are not in great shape. Those sold in the past have been uninhabitable. That, in the language of FEMA, it meant they could only be used as office space or storage containers. To get them, you have to reach an airfield in the hope of Kansas or pay someone to transport or ship to you. Of course, you need to do what repairs are needed to get in the way too. Federal emergency management agency was how to handle high levels of formaldehyde fumes emitted by building materials that you will remember stung the eyes of the victims of Katrina and gave them respite respiratory problems. Junk campers and trailers have largely disappeared. The units on the market now can be repaired. And some are in pretty good condition. Nearby units for sale are not classified as junk. They are “serviceable.” In general, that means you need $ 1,500 of work done to repair the damage sustained to sit empty in humid and moved several times.

Fema trailers for sale in texas. Fema trailers for sale in Arkansas

The term FEMA trailer , is the name commonly given by the Government of the United States to many forms of temporary accommodation manufactured assigned to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and other events, by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Back in March 2007, the Government began sale Fema trailers for sale from the disasters of Katrina and Rita at bargain prices. Trailers were used to house thousands of displaced people in southern Florida by Hurricane Andrew in August 1992 for up to two years. hey provide medium-term shelter for the role as shops in the immediate lives after a disaster. After the destructive hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast in August and September 2005, spent more than $ 2.5 billion to buy about 150. 000 trailers, caravans and mobile homes, many of which were never used even. In 2007, the government began selling these motor homes, and many were bought for outrageous prices, since potential buyers began asking how to buy a FEMA trailer. They serve a function similar to the “earthquake shacks” erected to provide temporary housing after the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906.

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